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Lumberton High School

Good morning,

My daughter Rebecca played in the tournament Saturday as goalkeeper at Lumberton Sr. High. She was injured near the end of the game with a broken nose. I was not able to attend however the trainers and other medical personnel took great care of Becca and even gave me updates on her condition over the phone.  I just wanted to let you all know how appreciative I am of her care and the wonderful experience Becca had in the tournament. She and our whole team were very moved by Brittany’s story and appreciated being able to play. Becca also was very proud to have gotten the sportsmanship award.

Thanks again for a great experience and please thank the trainers for me.


Laney High School


Hi there!
I, first and foremost, want to thank you for another outstanding tournament this past weekend.  The Brittany is by far my most favorite tourney.  The people are so nice!  From the parking lot attendants to the shirt sellers to the ball boys, they all had a very happy disposition and you could tell they really wanted to be there!  Both of my daughters had major other commitments this weekend, but chose to play in The Brittany!
Secondly, thought you might add to your 'fun facts about the Brittany'...My daughter, Jillian, won the sportsmanship award last year as a Freshman.  She is the goalie for Laney High School.  And now this year, my other daughter, Jenna, won the award.  She is a senior forward for Laney.  It was def a proud mama moment to have both girls get this 'prestigious, un-biased' award.
Again, thank you for a wonderful weekend!  We look forward to this every year!




East Chapel Hill Thoughts on the Brittany

Not only is the Brittany Willis Memorial Soccer Showcase for a great cause, but it allows so many teams from the across the state to participate in competitive soccer games. During my high school soccer career, I have been lucky enough to play at this showcase four times. The most memorial game for me at this showcase was my junior year against Broughton. It was raining and my high school had never beaten Broughton and my team and I decided this was the year to do it. After 80 minutes of hard play, we came out on top with the score of 3-0. I wear my Brittany shirts all the time to show others the importance of Brittany Willis and her memorial showcase is.
- Katie Krantz

The Brittany is always an exciting and meaningful event for our team at East. Every team is matched up with a quality opponent and the people running the event never fail to be enthusiastic and dedicated to their cause. The Brittany is not only an event you play soccer, but also one that makes you feel good about doing so. Every year East looks forward to the Brittany immensely and every year it lives up to our expectations and is fun, competitive, and eye-opening.
- Caitlin Ball

The Brittany is one of my favorite parts of the season. While the games are competitive, there is always a sense of fun about the whole event, which makes it a really enjoyable experience. Everyone involved with The Brittany is so nice, and they really make the teams feel appreciated for coming out and supporting a great cause.
- Kate Ferriola-Bruckenstein

I've been to the last three Brittany Showcases and have enjoyed every one of them. I especially enjoyed my junior year experience because we played Broughton who is one of our toughest opponents every season. The intensity, sportsmanship, and effort put forth by both teams was outstanding. It's wonderful to know that teams coming from all over NC are not only there to play a competitive game of soccer but they also come with the intention of supporting Brittany Willis and raising awareness of violence towards women overall. It is sad to think that I will not be playing in another Brittany Showcase but I am glad to know that I have taken part in and contributed to the Showcase.
- Dory Patterson

I love playing at the Brittany because it really shows the camaraderie between all soccer players, coaches, and fans across the state. The competition is always good as well. The special thing about The Brittany is that even though you are playing against the other team, you are both playing for the same cause.
- Jackie O’Connor

It was my first year attending The Brittany. It hit close to home and I took the whole thing seriously because a member of my immediate family was sexual assaulted almost three years ago. It makes you much more aware that something tragic could happen to anyone, at any time. Just put safety first.
- Molly Davis

The Brittany for me at least was inspirational. The town of Wilson, and everyone around has turned a tragedy into something educational and a great way to remember Brittany. When we go to The Brittany they always reiterate things our parents have told us about being safe, but it really hits home because the speakers telling Brittany's story are her parents, her coach, or her friends. This is someone who has experienced what they are warning us about first hand. They talk to us and repeat that message of safety and it really helps you understand how serious it is. The Brittany is a way to remember an incredible young woman through a common love for soccer. Every time East steps on to the field at The Brittany we know that we're not just playing for ourselves we're playing for Brittany, in honor of her life. And that's something special all of the teams share. It's not just about winning the game (though that is important), its about coming together for this special cause and remembering her life.
- Julia DeRuyter

It is a really good opportunity to play great competition from within the state that you would not have gotten a chance to play otherwise.
- Farrell Sweeney

it's a really nice atmosphere to have so many teams from different places and I like the way that they tell us about what happened to Brittany and really make it about her and not just a random soccer tournament and I like that they match teams up to keep it good competition because you get to play good teams that you may not play in the regular season.

- Ines Blaesius



The Brittany Showcase is a fabulous tournament. Not only do you get to play an extra game against a team you would never match up against normally, but you are playing for a cause.  Coaches come out to watch your skill, and not only are you trying to impress the coaches with your talent, but also with your character by showing qualities like sportsmanship; which is rewarded after each game to the player who the refs feel best demonstrate it. Everyone sees friends they know from other schools and clubs from around NC and the atmosphere is wonderful.

Jen Shaefer
Cardinal Gibbons HS

The Brittany Showcase is an amazing tournament to participate in. It brings in all the aspects a young soccer player truly enjoys; soccer, sportsmanship and fun. The tournament is a beautiful opportunity to remember Brittany Willis by playing a sport she played so well and had so much fun doing. It teaches the players a lot about life lessons like sportsmanship and safety from a perspective they wouldn't normally have. It brings soccer players together from across the state to participate in fun competition, while still remembering the life of Brittany.

Allie Darby
Jacksonville High School
Class of 2011


I just wanted to thank you and your volunteers and staff for making our 1st experience at the Brittany Tournament wonderful. We found it very inspiring to see a community pull together the way that Wilson has. It is our hope that we can continue to come to the tournament and help spread the word about it so that more communities can be made aware of the message that you send. I submitted the Brittany website along with our scores to the local Asheboro paper in the hopes that they would put in some information about the tournament and why it is held each year.

Thanks again!

Sean Fitzgibbon
Randleman Middle School


On behalf of Cape Fear High School we would like to thank you and your staff for hosting a fantastic tournament. The Brittany is both a worthy cause and provides an atmosphere that is a great experience for all teams attending. Our boys will be talking about their experience for some time.

Thanks again,

John Callahan
Cape Fear Soccer


Thanks to you and all who helped out with the Brittany for putting on a wonderful event. We always enjoy making the trip to WIlson to play for such a great cause. We had a great time and are looking forward to more great competition next year.

All the best,

Joe Burger
East Chapel Hill High School


My daughter was honored with the sportsmanship award this year at The Brittany Tournament on March 29. She is from Cardinal Gibbons and played in the 2:00 match.

We have been participating in the boys side of the Brittany Tournament for 4 years now and want to let you know how well run it is. Everyone is so pleasant and it makes the event so nice for everyone to come together to honor the life of Brittany Willis.

Thank you,

Kristy Shaefer


Thank you so much for a lovely weekend of soccer. My daughter was only able to participate on Friday evening, so the weather was still lovely then. I just wanted to convey to all the volunteers for this tournament my appreciation for the warm and welcoming hospitality that is conveyed by all. From the time that I arrived everyone was so nice. You've done a great job creating something very special and a loving tribute to the memory of Brittany Willis. There is a tremendous spirit that is present in all aspects of the tournament. Your facility is also something you can be very proud of too. Thank you again for a very special memory.

My daughter was fortunate to receive the Sportsmanship Award for the game she played in on Friday night. Thank you for sharing Brittany's spirit through this tremendous honor. It is a awesome reminder of what the game of soccer is truly all about.

Thank you again!

Eva Massi


To all Ball Boys and Girls and their parents; A heartfelt thanks to each of you for your wonderful contribution of time and energy to the Brittany Willis Soccer Showcase this weekend. The event was a success because of people like you. The coaches from the high school teams tell us that the Ball girls and boys are one of the extras that make this event special. We could not
do this without YOU!

Thanks again,

Charlene King


Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my team had at the Brittany. It was a great and positive outing for the girls along with being informative and motivational. The girls are still talking about it and want to go back next year. Hats off to you and your staff and volunteers for this wonderful event you're doing.

Joey Jones
Coach, East Duplin


Enjoyed our time once again in Wilson. Being a veteran of club soccer tournaments, this was run far better than any tournament I can remember attending.

Jeff Foltz
Coach, Covenant Day


I don't think there is a finer run event in the state and I have been coaching for 21 years.

Rob Wilcher
Coach, TC Roberson


To the wonderful people of The Brittany Showcase, The Sanderson Varsity Women's Soccer Team would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to play in The Brittany this year. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience: the fields were superb, the competition was challenging, and the hospitality was outstanding. The showcase was extremely well-organized, and the purpose of the showcase was clear. We felt as if we knew Brittany Willis personally, and we feel privileged to be able to contribute to the scholarship fund in her name. We were all in awe of your hard work, dedication, and thoughtfulness as we drove away from the fields with full stomachs, new t-shirts, purple whistles, tired legs, and happy faces. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you next spring.

In memory of Brittany,

The Lady Spartans


I am amazed at the amount of people who have nothing but good things to say about the Brittany tournament. It would be an honor for my girls team, East Chapel Hill, to be selected to participate in the 2007 version. Please let me know what we need to do to be a part of this great event.

All the best,

Mark Kadlecik
East Chapel Hill Women's Soccer Coach


I just wanted to write and say how much we enjoy going to The Brittany. You do a fabulous job putting it together and I am sure Brittany would be proud to see what has evolved. It really is a top notch event. Thanks for inviting us - we hope to see you again next year.

Clayton High School


We had a very memorable experience at the Brittany II on Saturday! Most of my varsity kids had not attended last year due to spring break – but they were honored and humbled to be any part of the Brittany. Please keep us in mind for next season! We will put it on our calendar!

Jim Lavery
Head Soccer Coach - Saint Mary’s School


Thank you for a wonderful experience for the boy's at this years showcase. It was superb. You and your co-workers put many hours into the preparation and execution of this event and it showed. My team has been to the Eurosport Shoot Out, and what you did by far exceeded that showcase.

I am interested in claiming a spot for the spring showcase for the girls team. It does not matter what team we are paired with. Please attempt to pair us with someone out of Onlsow County. We would like to play a difficult team if possible.

Again thank you for a wonderful experience,

Steve Van Hook
Swansboro Soccer Men's/Women's


The Brittany should be proud of its accomplishments, for there are many. But most of all, the courage and strength and love present on March 19 at the new Wilson soccer complex was overpowering. All of us returned home with a feeling of renewal and of hope. We were grateful to be a part of such a meaningful event.

Thank you,

Parrott Academy Soccer


We thought the showcase went great! The best asset you had were the volunteers. There were so many and they were so willing to assist. Plus, the facility is beautiful. All the Clayton soccer people were green w-envy! The only tiny thing I can even think to mention is that when the volunteer took our bus to park it she forgot to turn the lights off. Perhaps they didn t realize that we have to drive with them on. But truthfully, even my assistant who played for Colgate University, coached at St. Lawrence University and played semi pro soccer said it was a class act and very well run.

See ya next year,

Donna Ritter


The Fayetteville Academy varsity girls' soccer team was honored to participate in The Brittany Scholarship tournament on March 19. The players, our coach, and all of the parents were so impressed with the beautiful soccer facility in Wilson, as well as the kindness and helpfulness of your staff. Thanks for all of the goodies that you gave to each team - wow! The tournament was run efficiently and smoothly, and none of us had any complaints or even any suggestions for improvement next year. We all raved about the tournament to our athletic director, Chip Bishop, when we returned to Fayetteville, and our boys' varsity team hopes to participate in your fall tournament. Thanks once again for including us in a most worthwhile fundraiser, and we all wish you the best with your future tournaments!

Anna Buryk, team co-captain
Fayetteville Academy varsity girls' soccer team


On behalf of St. Mary’s we were thrilled, honored, and humbled to be a small part of the Brittany. Most of the girls were somewhat familiar with the purpose of the event. On the bus ride home I could hear all of the girls talking about how important it was for each of them to remember Brittany, and all of the incredible people involved in hosting this event. It was a magical and emotional day, one none of us at St. Mary’s will ever forget. We will make certain to always participate in the Brittany, at an even higher level. Please thank all of your wonderful volunteers for taking such good care of my girls, we are still very impressed at their dedication and attention they gave us !

Jim Lavery
Head Soccer Coach, St. Mary’s School


My assistant Sena Maziarz and I both thought the Showcase went very well, especially for a first time event. Congratulations and we look forward to next year.

Donna Ritter
Clayton High School


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting us to participate in The Brittany. It was truly a spectacular event. It is unfortunate that the event was necessary, but she must have been a remarkable girl for you to put on the tournament in the fashion that you did. We hope that the event was successful, and, again, thank you for letting us be a part of such a special day. I asked the girls if this was something that they wanted to do again next year and got an overwhelming yes. I will pass the information on to our boys coach for the fall and look forward to next year already. Thank again, and have a great year.

Tony Koy
West Johnston High School


In all the years I have been involved with soccer and in all of the events that I have attended/participated in, yours was by far the best run !

Assistant Coach
North Johnston High School


This was FIRST CLASS from start to finish, you and your crew should be mighty proud of The Brittany.

Ben Forbes
Greenfield School


I wanted to thank you for giving me and my teammates the opportunity to play in The Brittany. Everything was so nice, and all the volunteers and workers were wonderful people to be around. Even though I didn’t know Brittany, I know how much she meant to my coach, Mr. Walston, and to all the Wilson community. I was honored to be a part of such a special tournament. I hope enough money was raised for the memorial scholarship, and even though I will have graduated, I’d love to help out and volunteer in the coming years. (I know that all my teammates feel the same way as well.)

Rachel Bisesi – Player
North Johnston High School